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String side bottoms accented with hem stitching and flirty tassel ties. Fully lined with a buttery blend of stretch fabric from LA. 

  • Designed and made in LA
  • Fully lined
  • 82% Nylon 18% Spandex
  • Fabric from USA
  • UPF 50+
  • Style# K4313B

This embroidered art piece requires it to be gently washed by hand:    

1) Fill sink with cold water and mild detergent. Let the swimsuit soak for a few minutes and then carefully rinse under cold water. Avoid scrubbing the actual embroidered areas.    

2) Remove the swimsuit from the water and place on a clean, thick bath towel.  Roll the swimsuit inside the towel and gently press on it so the towel absorbs the excess water from the swimsuit.    

3) Unfold the towel and remove the swimsuit. Line dry in a well-ventilated area.

*Take caution not to over-stretch the fabric which may cause distortion of the embroidered design.