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a model on stone steps in a beige crochet skirt and top and a wide-brimmed hat

Cute Beach Outfits: Our Favorite Pieces to Take You From Brunch to the Beach to the Bar

Imagine a day that starts with a mimosa in hand, transitions to lounging under the sun, and ends with a toast as the sunset paints the sky. The only question... Read More

What to Wear to the Beach: Beachwear Essentials to Pack For Your Next Getaway

Ah, the beach! That magical place where the sun kisses your skin, the sand tickles your feet, and the waves serenade you with their never-ending lullabies. Whether you're planning a... Read More
a model sitting on the sand in a floral cut-out one-piece swimsuit
a model in a blue and white bikini sitting near water

7 Ways to Tie a Triangle Bikini Top

Are you ready to transform your next beach day into a runway of endless style options? At WET Swimwear, we believe that a simple triangle bikini isn’t just a piece... Read More

How to Choose the Best Swimsuit For Your Body Shape

We're embarking on a delightful journey to discover the perfect swimsuit for your body shape that not only flatters but also echoes your inner essence. In the realm of WET... Read More
two models on the beach in pastel-colored swimsuits
A model standing in a pool in a patterned rash guard and high-waisted bottoms

How to Wash & Care For Your Swimsuits: Your Ultimate Guide

Picture this: You’ve just returned from a day of sun-kissed adventures, your WET Swimwear piece a silent witness to the laughter, the dives, and the serene moments under the sun.... Read More

How to Wear & Tie a Sarong: 6 Different Ways

If you have a sarong or just purchased one and you’re looking for different ways to tie them, then we have the guide for you! The sarong is the unsung... Read More
a model wearing a white pastel patterned bikini top and a matching short sarong
model wearing a cream and beige one-shoulder bikini

The Art of Mixing and Matching Bikinis

Friends, it’s time to cast away any notions that bikinis are a set-in-stone duo. Let’s embrace the playful art of mixing and matching bikinis, where the tide meets creativity. Let... Read More

Elevated Tropical Outfit Ideas For Your Next Vacation

There’s nothing like feeling the sun on your skin, the wind in your hair, and the tropical breeze enveloping you like a warm hug. We all dream of that idyllic... Read More
a model wearing a macrame one-piece swimsuit

Make a Splash with Elevated Styles

Style isn't just about what you wear but how you wear it. Our bikini blog serves as your fashion muse, offering style advice, trend insights, and unique pairing ideas that blend our one-piece swimsuits, bikinis, cover-ups, rash guards, and accessories into cohesive looks that make you shine. Discover new ways to sport our classic yet elevated designs, whether it's the moderate coverage suits or the intricate, hand-crocheted pieces. And don't miss out on our special Mommy & Me swimsuit capsule that fuses style with bonding.

Behind the Scenes & Exclusive Previews

Peek behind the curtain and see how our dreamy collections come to life. Experience the process, passion, and meticulous artistry involved in creating each WET Swimwear piece. Stay updated with exclusive previews of our upcoming collections, and be the first to know about our new launches, exciting collaborations, and more.

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