If you have a sarong or just purchased one and you’re looking for different ways to tie them, then we have the guide for you! The sarong is the unsung hero of beachwear, as adaptable as it is chic. It’s your ticket to chic, breezy beachwear looks that come together effortlessly!

So, whether you’re lounging by the shore or strolling along the boardwalk, let’s explore the many dreamy methods of how to tie and wear a sarong. 

1. Halter Dress Twist: Elevate with Elegance

This approach offers a more sophisticated vibe. First, drape your long sarong from behind your back, bringing the two corners forward. Cross the ends over your chest and tie them behind your neck. Voila! You've just crafted an elegant halter dress that's perfect for those beachside sunset dinners.

Pairs Perfectly With:

A chic one-piece, preferably in solid colors, peeking through the open parts of the sarong. Adorn with a long necklace or a statement choker to enhance the halter neckline.

2. Classic Waist Wrap: Simplicity at Its Best


Begin by holding your long or short sarong horizontally and wrapping it around your waist. Then tie the two ends into a knot, either at the side for a hint of allure or in the front for a playful bow effect. This simple, classic method of how to tie a sarong is perfect for a quick cover-up after a swim or to jazz up your bikini look!

Pairs Perfectly With:

A bandeau bikini top or a simple triangle bikini. The understated elegance of this wrap allows the patterns and designs of the bikini to truly shine. For your accessories, add a pair of oversized sunglasses for that touch of glamor.

3. The Front Knot Top: A Tropical Tango

Wondering how to tie a sarong for a flirty vibe? Start by folding your short sarong in half diagonally. Wrap it behind your back and across your chest, tying the two ends together at the front in the middle of your bust. 

If you’re working with a longer sarong, fold it diagonally and drape it over your chest. Cross the two ends behind your back, tying at the front just below your bust. This top is a splash of tropical paradise, beckoning you to join the dance of the palms.

Pairs Perfectly With:

A pair of flowy cover-up bottoms like linen pants or shorts. Pair this effortless and exotic beachwear look with your favorite bikini underneath and add a stack of layered gold bracelets for a touch of shine.

4. One-Shoulder Wonder: Asymmetry at its Most Gorgeous

Let’s move into another exciting method on how to tie a sarong and wear it as a dress. Take one end of the sarong and drape it diagonally across your body, from one shoulder to the opposite waist. Wrap the fabric around your back, bringing it to the front. Tie both ends at the waist, and you've got a dreamy one-shoulder dress that turns heads!

Pairs Perfectly With:

A monokini or asymmetrical swimsuit. The single-shoulder drape complements and contrasts with the cut of the swimsuit, creating a balanced look. Add a chunky bracelet or bangle for that touch of mystique.

5. Side-Slit Sensation: Playful & Chic

This sarong tying how-to starts by folding your sarong of any length in half to form a triangle. Wrap it around your waist so the triangle's point falls at one side of your leg. Then, tie the ends together at the opposite side, creating a playful side-slit skirt perfect for that walk by the shore.

Pairs Perfectly With:

High-waisted bikini bottoms and a bralette top allow the sarong's slit to playfully reveal your swimwear's silhouette. Slide into some beachy sandals to complete the look.

6. Boho Belted Beauty: Retro Vibes & Modern Ties

For those who love a boho look, learning how to tie and wear a sarong this way is a must. Lay your short or long sarong diagonally across your body like a sash. Instead of tying to secure it, use a chic belt to secure it at your waist. The cascading fabric creates a dreamy overlay to your swimsuit, giving you a boho touch to your beach day ensemble.

Pairs Perfectly With:

A high-waisted bikini bottom and a halter top emphasize the retro feel. The belt cinches the waist, highlighting the high waist of the bikini. Add a pair of vintage sunglasses and some wooden bangles to truly embrace the boho retro vibe.

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