Are you ready to transform your next beach day into a runway of endless style options? At WET Swimwear, we believe that a simple triangle bikini isn’t just a piece of swimwear; it’s a canvas of creativity waiting to be unleashed. 

Today, we’re diving into 7 enchanting and eye-catching ways to tie your triangle bikini top and effortlessly switch up your look, each offering a unique tribute to your personal spirit and style. Let's dive in!

1. Classic Halter Tie

For this look, tie your bikini top as you normally would by draping it over your chest, tying the top strings behind your neck, and securing the bottom strings around your back. 

This is the classic way to tie a triangle bikini top — the halter tie. It’s the embodiment of effortless chic, giving you a look that’s both elegant and practical. Perfect with any cover-up, from a pair of denim shorts to a flowing skirt, this simple style is your go-to for any beach or poolside gathering. This way of wearing a triangle bikini top offers support while maintaining a chic edge.

2. Crossed Elegance

For a touch of intrigue, cross the top strings over your chest before tying them behind your neck, then secure the bottom strings around your back. 

This way to tie your triangle bikini top creates a dynamic and alluring look, ideal for those who adore a bit of flair. Whether you're lounging in a beach dress or exploring in comfy shorts, this look adds a sophisticated edge to your ensemble. The crossed design in the front accentuates the bust, making it a great choice for those who want to add a bit of drama and elegance to their beachwear.

3. Bandeau Bliss

For this way to tie your triangle bikini top, start as you would for a classic halter, but instead of tying the top strings around your neck, wrap them around your back and secure them. 

This strapless way to wear a triangle bikini top is a sunbather's dream, offering a sleek look free from tan lines. Team it with a maxi skirt or sarong for a chic, carefree beach outfit. The bandeau style is particularly flattering for those looking to emphasize their shoulders and collarbone, creating a graceful, elongated neckline.

4. Knotted Front Fantasy

a model in a rocky environment in a green front-tie bikini

Slide your triangle cups around so that the loose ends of your back strings are now at your front. Secure them with a bow in the center of your bikini top, then secure the top neck strings as usual. This way of tying your triangle bikini top creates a playful twist in the front, making it ideal for a fun day out.

Whether you're under a beach umbrella or strolling along the pier, pair it with a breezy top or dress for a flirtatious yet sophisticated vibe. The knotted front is particularly suited for those who want to add a hint of playfulness to their swimwear, creating a cute and trendy look.

5. Bohemian Wrap

With this way to wear a triangle bikini top, wrap your top around your torso, securing the top strings as usual but crossing the bottom strings in the front or back, tying them securely. This bohemian style exudes a relaxed, artistic air, perfect for music festivals or beachside cafes. 

Complement your wrap look with string bikini bottoms and a pair of loose cover-up pants or a free-flowing dress for an effortlessly elevated look. This way to tie your triangle bikini top is great for those who want to showcase their creativity and individuality, offering a versatile and customizable look.

6. The Upside-Down Chic

The upside-down look is the trend taking over social media. To achieve this look, flip your bikini top so the ruching and bust strap rests on the upper portion of your bust. Next, tie the bottom strings around your neck. Then, adjust the cups downwards and tie the top two neck ties behind your back. 

This way to tie your triangle bikini top is especially flattering for those with a smaller bust. Embrace this style for those days when you're feeling bold and want to capture some stunning, paparazzi-worthy beach photos!

7. The Bralette

The bralette style is a charming way to wear a triangle bikini top. Begin by tying the bottom strings around your back as you normally would. Then, pull the top strings so they stretch across to the far ends of your shoulders, creating a more horizontal line across your chest. Secure these ends to where each meets the bottom string on your back. 

This romantic way to tie your triangle top gives your bikini a more structured, bralette-like appearance. It's particularly appealing for those who prefer a more secure fit without sacrificing the aesthetics of their beachwear. Pair this with a pair of casual shorts or a light, airy beach dress for a look that's both functional and fabulously chic.

Your Bikini, Your Canvas

a model in a green leafy area in a yellow bikini and sarong

At WET Swimwear, we believe that your bikini should be as versatile and unique as you are. These 7 ways to tie a triangle bikini top are just the beginning of your style journey. Each knot, twist, and tie is a reflection of your personality, mood, and the endless possibilities that await you at the beach. 

So, grab your WET triangle bikini, and let your imagination run as wild as the ocean waves. Remember, every day is a chance to reinvent yourself and make a splash!


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