We're embarking on a delightful journey to discover the perfect swimsuit for your body shape that not only flatters but also echoes your inner essence. In the realm of WET Swimwear, we believe in a blend of timeless style and elevated designs crafted from high-quality fabrics. So, dive in, and let's explore stunning swimsuits for different body types that will make your heart sing with the rhythm of the seas!


Pear Shape: Embracing Your Curves

model sitting by the ocean in a blue and white bikini

Tops: Triangle, Halter

Bottoms: High Waist, Classic Bikini

One-Piece: Monokini, Asymmetrical

For the pear-shaped beauties with fuller hips and thighs, the swimsuits for your body shape are all about balancing proportions. Our triangle or halter style bikini tops with bold patterns or bright colors draw attention upwards, while our high waist bottoms offer a flattering and smoothing effect that accentuates the waistline. 

Consider a monokini for a chic, harmonious silhouette or an asymmetrical one-piece in a playful print or vertical strips to achieve a lengthening effect. These one-piece swimsuits are perfect for highlighting different body types’ curves while providing a sleek appearance.

Hourglass: Celebrating Symmetry

model in rocky landscape in a red bralette bikini

Tops: Balconette, Bralette

Bottoms: Classic Bikini, String Bikini

One-Piece: Classic, Balconette

Hourglass figures, with your symmetrical bust and hips, shine in balconette and bralette tops that provide ample support and style. When figuring out how to choose a swimsuit for your body type, opt for rich, solid colors or feminine floral prints to enhance your natural beauty. Pair these swimsuits for your body shape with classic or string bikini bottoms that sit just right on your hips. 

Our classic and balconette one-pieces in vibrant colors or with subtle detailing beautifully hug your curves, emphasizing your well-defined waist.

Apple Shape: Accentuating the Bust

a model in a bright yellow halter bikini

Tops: Halter, Bandeau

Bottoms: High Waist, Classic Bikini

One-Piece: Asymmetrical, Balconette

Apple-shaped beauties, with a fuller waist and bust, the ideal swimsuit for your body shape enhances your upper body. Halter tops in bright colors or with eye-catching details draw attention upwards, while bandeau tops in playful prints add a fun twist. High waist bottoms in darker shades or with vertical stripes create a slimming effect. 

The chic asymmetrical and balconette one-piece swimsuits, especially in darker hues or with strategic ruching, offer a flattering fit while providing comfort and style.

Rectangle Shape: Creating Curves

a model in a lemon-printed blue monokini

Tops: Triangle, Bralette

Bottoms: String Bikini, High Waist

One-Piece: Monokini, Classic

If you’re wondering how to choose a swimsuit for your body type with a rectangle body, creating curves is the key. Triangle and bralette tops in lighter colors or with embellishments add volume to the bust area. String bikini bottoms with side ties or high waist bottoms in bold prints can create the illusion of curves. 

A monokini in a bright color or a swimsuit with cut-out details offers a stunning silhouette for all different body types, while a classic one-piece with diagonal stripes or playful patterns can add dimension to your figure.

Inverted Triangle: Balancing the Upper Body

a model in a dark purple classic one-piece swimsuit

Tops: Bralette, Triangle

Bottoms: High Waist, Classic Bikini

One-Piece: Classic, Asymmetrical

Inverted triangle shapes, with broader shoulders or a larger bust, look fantastic in bralette and triangle tops in darker shades or with minimalistic designs. These swimsuits for your body shape provide a balanced look without adding extra volume to the upper body. Pair them with high waist or classic bikini bottoms in eye-catching colors to draw attention to your lower half. 

The classic and asymmetrical one-piece styles, especially in dark, solid colors or with vertical detailing, help to elongate and balance your figure.

All Shapes: Universal Appeal

No matter your body type, certain styles are universally flattering. The balconette one-piece, with its supportive structure, looks stunning on all figures, especially in solid, deep colors or with small, understated prints. 

The classic one-piece is always a timeless swimsuit choice for your body shape, offering elegance and comfort. Opt for colors that complement your skin tone, or experiment with vibrant patterns and prints to express your personality.

Completing Your Look with Cover-Ups 

a model on the beach in a printed sarong and bikini

Once you've selected your ideal swimsuit for your body shape, it's time to complete your ensemble with our elegant cover-ups. 

Cover-Up Dresses: Our cover-up dresses are the epitome of beach elegance. They can pair with any swimsuit and work wonderfully for all different body types, offering a relaxed fit that flatters every figure. Choose from breezy, lightweight fabrics in various colors and patterns to find the perfect match for your look.

Sarongs: A versatile choice, sarongs can be wrapped and tied in numerous ways, allowing you to customize your look. Choose a color that complements the swimsuit for your body shape, or go for a contrasting shade for a bold statement. Sarongs are perfect for pear, apple, and hourglass shapes, as they can be adjusted to highlight your best features.

Flowy Beach Pants: Ideal for those who prefer a little more coverage, our flowy beach pant cover-up bottoms are both comfortable and chic. They are perfect for rectangle and inverted triangle body shapes, as they add volume and balance to the lower half of the body. 

Your Style, Your Story

The best swimsuit for your body shape is the one that makes you feel fabulous. In our world at WET Swimwear, every piece is a celebration of you — your style, your body, your dream.

Enjoy free U.S. shipping on every swimwear order of $200 and up, and experience our buttery soft, imported fabrics for yourself! The perfect swimsuits for different body types are waiting for you at WET Swimwear, offering a blend of timeless style and elevated designs. Ready to make this summer an unforgettable tale of joy, confidence, and seaside adventures? Dive in; the water’s lovely!