Ah, the beach! That magical place where the sun kisses your skin, the sand tickles your feet, and the waves serenade you with their never-ending lullabies. Whether you're planning a lazy weekend by the shore or an exotic getaway on a secluded island, the question remains: what are you going to wear to the beach to make every moment picture-perfect? 

Dive into this cute beach outfit ideas guide, brought to you by WET Swimwear, and discover the chic beachwear essentials that promise to make your next seaside escapade unforgettable.

Bikinis: The Versatile Companion 

Bikinis stand as the epitome of beachwear versatility, effortlessly transitioning from a sunbathing staple to a dynamic ensemble ready for a splash. WET Swimwear's bikini tops and bottoms are designed not just for looks but for living. Wondering what to wear to the beach? Imagine mix-and-matching pieces that cater to your mood and the day's agenda, from serene sunbathing in a hand-crocheted bralette top to an impromptu beach volleyball game in a sporty halter top

The beauty of bikinis lies in their adaptability; a quick swap of tops or bottoms can refresh your entire beach aesthetic, making them a savvy choice for the traveler looking to pack light without compromising on style. 

One-Pieces: The Epitome of Elegance

a model on the shore of the beach in a pastel one-piece swimsuit

One-piece swimsuits have transcended their humble beginnings to become symbols of sophisticated beachwear. WET Swimwear offers an exquisite range of one-pieces, including balconette, asymmetrical, monokini, and classic styles, each with its unique charm. A one-piece suit is your go-to for those who wish to marry comfort with classic elegance. It's a seamless blend of functionality and fashion, providing moderate coverage while making a bold statement. 

Whether you're lounging by the pool or exploring coastal towns, these suits promise effortless elegance. The one-piece swimsuit is not just a swimwear choice of what to wear to the beach; it's a cute beach outfit idea ready to accompany you from dawn till dusk, embodying the spirit of your getaway with every silhouette it shapes.

Cover-Ups: Complement Your Chic Swimwear

a model in a green maxi dress in a lush, mountainous area

Wondering what to wear to the beach to transition from sandy shores to a seaside cafe? WET Swimwear's cover-up collection offers versatility and elegance with options that effortlessly complement your travel wardrobe:

  • Cover-Up Dresses: Effortlessly transition from beach to café with these breezy, chic dresses.
  • Stunning Skirts: Offer a sophisticated yet playful glimpse of your swimwear underneath.
  • Flowy Beach Pants: Perfect for those seeking a blend of comfort and elegance, ideal for a sunset stroll along the shore.
  • Sophisticated Tops: Add a layer of sophistication with these easy-to-wear pieces. Tunic-style beach tops and flowy linen tops pair perfectly with any bottom for a complete, stylish look.

Lightweight and space-efficient, these cover-ups are designed to make packing a breeze, ensuring you're always beach-ready and stylish in cute beach outfit ideas.

Rash Guards: The Elegant Protector 

a model holding a surfboard in a floral rash guard and yellow bikini bottoms

For those who love to dive into the waves or perhaps enjoy a game of beach volleyball, a rash guard is a true essential when deciding what to wear to the beach. WET's rash guards, with their built-in shelf bras and UPF 50+ fabric, offer sun protection and reliable support. 

They're not just practical; they're a blend of functionality with classic chic, ensuring you look effortlessly elegant, even in the heat of action. It’s time to enjoy the beach with total peace of mind. 

Accessorize: The Final Touches

As you curate exactly what to wear to the beach, don’t forget the chic details. WET Swimwear’s thoughtfully curated collection of hair accessories is here to transform your beach look into a work of art. Here, each scarf hair tie, head wrap, headband, and scrunchie is a brushstroke that complements the canvas of your chosen swim attire. 

These accessories are not mere afterthoughts but integral pieces designed to harmonize with the elevated aesthetic of WET swimwear’s collections. Whether you're lounging under the sun or strolling along the beach, these additions ensure your look is cohesive and captivating.

Sun Protection: Your Invisible Shield

As you bask in the glory of the golden sun and decide what to wear to the beach, let's not forget the silent hero of all our cute beach outfit ideas – sun protection. WET Swimwear's UPF 50+ fabrics are like an invisible shield, safeguarding your skin while you indulge in the sun's embrace. This unique beachwear feature ensures that your focus remains on creating memories, not on counting sunburns.

Add Style to Every Beach Adventure with WET Swimwear

WET Swimwear is your companion on every beach adventure, offering collections that perfectly answer the question of “what to wear to the beach” with pieces that capture the essence of the ocean's beauty. With free U.S. shipping on orders of $200 and up, stepping into a world of classic elegance has never been easier.

From the luxurious touch of our imported fabrics to the chic protection of our UPF 50+ pieces, every WET Swimwear piece is a pledge to ensure your beach days are filled with grace, comfort, and unforgettable style. So, wrap yourself in the luxury of WET Swimwear and let every day be a celebration of the sun, sand, and sea.


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