Recycled Fabric Swimsuit Collection

Step into the future of swimwear with WET Swimwear’s recycled fabric collection, where chic styles meet sustainability. Our line of recycled swimwear is crafted from silky, soft, recycled fabrics, showcasing our commitment to fashion that's as kind to the planet as it is elegant on your body. Experience the luxury of sustainability.

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    Sustainably Chic 

    Each piece in our recycled fabric swimwear collection marries luxury with eco-consciousness. Using high-quality recycled materials, we’ve created a line of swimsuits that feel as good as they look. These materials not only give a second life to fabric but also significantly reduce our environmental impact. The collection includes recycled bikini tops, bottoms, and one-pieces, all made with fabrics that are buttery soft, and silky to the touch, ensuring you don't have to sacrifice comfort for sustainability. Dive into designs that are fully lined for moderate coverage, complemented by our signature elegant aesthetic.

    Eco-Friendly Elegance

    Our dedication to the environment shines through in the meticulous selection of high-quality recycled fabrics designed to protect and pamper your skin. Beyond their sustainable sourcing, these recycled swimwear pieces boast UPF 50+ protection, keeping your skin safe under the sun while you contribute to a healthier planet. The collection’s palette is inspired by the Earth’s natural beauty, featuring a range of colors and prints that echo the landscapes we strive to protect. Say hello to eco-chic style and timeless sophistication.

    Join the Movement with WET Swimwear

    By choosing from WET Swimwear’s recycled fabric collection, you become part of a community dedicated to positive change. We’re paving the way for a sustainable future in fashion, one swimsuit at a time, inviting you to make a statement both in style and in environmental advocacy. Enjoy free U.S. shipping on orders over $200 and take advantage of our international shipping options. Dive into our world where each purchase is a step towards a more sustainable, stylish, and conscious lifestyle.